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The Lens Moving

A contact lens must be able to constantly move over the surface of the eye; this mobility guarantees optimal tolerability. With each blink, the lens is drawn upwards. While the eye remains open the lens slowly moves downwards until the next time you blink. It is therefore normal that vision is sometimes blurred or is alternately sharp and out of focus. After a period of adaptation the brain forces out the blurred images and vision returns to normal.

Feeling the Presence of the Lens

It is normal in the beginning that you feel the lens (especially on the lower edge of the eyelid). As the two eyes are not always equally sensitive, it is also normal that you may feel one lens more than the other. This "foreign body" feeling usually disappears after a few days, at the latest after one to two weeks.

Reading is an Effort

In the beginning, new lens wearers sometimes have difficulty with reading. The reason for this difficulty is that in the beginning more demands are placed on the reading muscle.

Abnormal Symptoms

Burning sensations, stinging, very red eyes, clouded vision, marked "foreign body" feeling and unusual secretions (often appearing towards the end of the maximum wearing time).

Burning Sensations, Itching and Marked "foreign body" Feeling (immediately after the lenses have been placed in the eyes)

If any of these symptoms appear immediately after the lenses have been placed in the eyes, the causes may be the following:

   1. The lens has not been cleaned sufficiently.
   2. Cosmetics, dirt, nicotine or drugs residue have been passed from the hand onto the lens
   3. Foreign bodies (dust, fibres, eyelashes etc.) have come between the lens and the eye.
   4. The lens is defective.
   5. The lens has been placed on the eye upside down.
   6. The lens has been kept in the wrong solution.

If any of the above occur: immediately remove the lens and check to see whether it is defective. Thoroughly wash your hands, clean the lenses, rinse the lens and replace it in the eye. This procedure may have to be repeated several times until the lens feels comfortable again. A defective lens must not be used again.


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