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Complete security for you!

Should you find a better price for the contact lenses you purchased from us at another supplier, then we will refund the difference directly to your bank/post account!

We hope you understand that the offer made by the other supplier must be comparable to ours.

The conditions for our lowest price guarantee are:

  • It must be the same offer for the same lenses at the same rates and same delivery and service conditions.
  • The offer of the less expensive supplier must be valid for at least one week and may not carry the limitation: "As long as supplies last".
  • The lowest price guarantee is not valid for "going out of business" sales, printing mistakes in the offer, individual pieces, etc.
  • The lowest price guarantee is valid for one week from the date of your order.
  • Fake offers are excluded.

This is how it works:

Should you actually find a better offer, a short e-mail to buchhaltung@discountlens.ch with the following information is sufficient to fulfill the guarantee conditions:

  • Your first and last name; e-mail address
  • Which Swiss supplier offers the contact lenses at better conditions? (The lowest price guarantee is only valid in comparison with Swiss suppliers.)
  • Proof of the better offer (advertisement, website, a concrete offer, or similar proof)

We will refund the difference as promised - without any "ifs and buts".


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