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Cleanliness is the supreme law in regard to the handling of contact lenses. Always be sure that your hands are thoroughly washed before you put your contact lenses on you eyes. Rinse your hands thoroughly, so that you can be sure that there are no residues of soap on your hands or under your fingernails. The use of alkali-free soap is perhaps to be recommended.

Avoid excessive rubbing of the eyes.

Adhere strictly to the instructions regarding the period that the lenses can be worn, however comfortable they may feel. If the recommended period is exceeded, this can lead to inflammation and can make further success with the lenses difficult.

Always keep the lenses in the specially prescribed solution.

Under no circumstances should you change the solution that you use for looking after your lenses. All these products contain additives which are not tolerated equally well by all wearers of contact lenses. In most cases negative symptoms (burning sensation, red eyes etc.) appear only after days, weeks or months. Not every such product is tolerated by every lens material. Products that are not expressly recommended by us can damage the lenses and make them unusable (e.g. discolouration etc.). With soft lenses., never use products intended for hard lenses.

Always remove the lenses in the evening, unless you have special lenses that can be worn day and night. If you are able to wear the lenses successfully, they must not be removed when you take a nap (max. 2 to 3 hours).

Never use eye-drops while you are wearing your lenses, unless the instructions expressly state that they may be used with soft contact lenses. If you have hard lenses, this does not apply..

Apply make-up only after you have put your lenses in.

A lens that has been inadvertently allowed to dry out can be saved by putting it carefully back into the solution in the lens-case and leaving it to soak. After one hour, check that the lens shows no cracks of defects. Never re-use a defective lens.

Contact lenses may be worn when swimming or bathing in the sea, without problems, provided you do not open your eyes while under water. If you do want to open your eyes under water, you should wear suitable goggles, which are available in any bathing establishment or sports shop. Also, you do not have to removes your lenses when taking a shower.

Contact lenses can also be worn in the sauna or in Turkish baths.

Contact lenses are the ideal visual aid for any kind of sport.

Always carry the lens-case with you. If for any reason a lens has to be removed quickly, it is important that you always have the lens-case, containing fresh lens-solution, with you. It is also a good idea to always keep a reserve lens-case at your workplace and another in your pocket.

The lens-case should be cleaned (rinsed in hot water) every day. A dirty lens-case can lead to discolouration and/or fungi on the lens, which cannot be removed and can lead to inflammation.

Hair-spray and other sprays (deodorant, perfume, air-fresheners etc.) can damage the lenses. When using these sprays it is recommended close your eyes or to take care that the spray does not get into the eyes.

Do not use hard objects (pincers) to take the lenses out of the lens-case.

Contact lenses can be rinsed off with demineralised water. Normal tap-water damages the lenses and leaves lime scale on the surface of the lens. After rinsing with demineralisedPregnancy and certain drugs can have a negative effect on the wearing of contact lenses. Please contact us in order that we can answer any questions that you may have.Schwangerschaft und bestimmte Medikamente können das Tragen von Contactlinsen negativ beeinflussen. Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung um etwelche Fragen abzuklären.

You should always wear your contact lenses when you come for follow-up visits, ideally towards the end of the maximum permitted wearing time. If you have any problems you should place the lenses in your eyes shortly before the visit.

When wearing contact lenses, one is considerably more sensitive to light than without them or when wearing normal spectacles. Persons wearing hard or semi-soft lenses are more sensitive to light than those wearing soft lenses. Sunglasses make a good remedy.


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