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General: For business transactions between the customer and Discountlens.co.uk, these General Business Conditions are valid in the form they have at the time of the order. Changes, additions, or contradictory business conditions require our written confirmation.

Contact Lenses: Contact lenses will only be delivered to contract lens wearers who have already received a vision correction from an optician or a prescription from an ophthalmologist. The prerequisites for years of trouble-free use of contact lenses are flawless condition of the contact lenses and regular eye check-ups.

Ordering: The vision correction selected by you is binding; therefore return of the lenses is not possible. Discountlens.co.uk does not accept any responsibility for ordering mistakes made by the customer or for any problems incurred in shipping.
Special discount offers/deductions can not be redeemed together (e.g. a voucher and simultaneous redemption of bonus points).

Exchanges: Unopened packages of lenses or lens care products can be exchanged within 14 days or returned without any additional charges. However, packages that are already opened cannot be returned or exchanged.

Contract Completion: An order is considered to have taken place when the completed order form is transferred (sent) using the on-line order process. The contract is completed with the delivery of the lenses, independent of any confirmation of receipt of the order.

Data Protection: We consider data protection our obligation. The customer is informed in detail about type, scope, location, and purpose of the charges, and handling and use of the personal information (data processing) required for filling the order (see information on data protection). The customer agrees to the data processing.

Coupons & Bonuspoints: Special discount offers/deductions can not be redeemed together (e.g. a voucher and simultaneous redemption of bonus points).

No Shipping Charges

The customer can pay with VISA and Eurocard. Guarantee and Liability: Obvious deficiencies are to be communicated to us in writing within two weeks of the receipt of the lenses. Any claims to guarantee fulfillment concerning complaints about obvious deficiencies that are not promptly reported are excluded. In cases of guarantee fulfillment, we are ready to supply a replacement. For replacement deliveries, we adhere to the same parameters as those for the original order.

Provider information: Discountlens.co.uk

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